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Attention: Editors and Agents:

I have been writing since my college days and have some full-length historical novels ready for submission as well as some novellas. I have a B.A. degree in French with a minor in music, and I have done a lot of personal research for these manuscripts. Here is a brief description of those works of which I hope to garner attention with the intention of publication. I have been reading historical romances (and many other genres) for decades and love them.


Descent into Darkness is a historical romance that is set in Regency England (during the Napoleonic wars). The two main characters, a retired naval captain and the owner of an unusual shop, are happy together until a terrible accusation sets them apart, and each defends their families. They must solve a mystery to get to the truth so that they can be together. This is not so simple. The estranged British couple must go undercover as spies and infiltrate Napoleon's realm. The timing sets them at the brink of the disastrous Russian campaign. This manuscript is filled with suspense and danger for the characters until the end.

Ellie is another full-length historical romance set in Colorado during the late 1800's. The Wilson family buys a posh hotel in Denver during exciting and wild times. There are silver mine expeditions and hangings, ranchers, cowboys, and town dances. Ellie is a wealthy business owner trying to prove herself in a man's world. Two men love her and only one has good motives. One came straight from Ireland and teaches her his Celtic ways. On a trip back home, something secret and tragic happens. The other lives in her neighborhood and eyes her sister. Ellie gets engaged to the wrong man and a lot of trouble ensues. Her pride just might be stronger than her heart.

Short Novels-Historical

Margot is about an orphan girl living in Victorian England. She marries a wealthy young man who has chosen to defy his powerful father, take his love and flee the country to marry her. He forfeits a financial empire to be with her. Then he finds out something about her past and drops her like a hot potato. She is devastated but has dignity. She carries on and against the odds becomes successful. Her husband despises her but is haunted by her. Against his own misgivings, his resolve melts over time and he approaches her. She is the best woman he had ever known and he must have her.